Mind Scoop

Everyone has an idea sometimes where you think, this might be brilliant, it’s pure genius...

...why has no one ever thought about this. You have your own Eureka moment and energy burst through you. Inspiration is endless, and you’re ready to go conquer the world.

It’s very hard to capitalize on your idea immediately, so what happens next?

You either forget, you tell your partner who thinks ‘here we go again’ or when you really believe in it you keep mentioning it on parties to your friends saying ‘I’ve been playing around with this idea for a while now’. It might happen that some people might actually succeed, taking their idea to the next stage. However, this is usually a labor of love where you spend your life savings and or all free hours without getting to tangible results.

Mind Scoop is here to power up your idea

while you get a great way to test the waters. No one will remember your financial statement. But they will remember your spark!

Share your Eureka and create the buzz it needs.

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